Get deeper insights faster from your market data.

Elevate Your Market Research with Advanced AI-Powered Surveys

Automated survey creation tailored to market research needs.
Provide your business bio and goal, and get a tailored survey in seconds with Collector.AI.

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AI-powered deep analysis for comprehensive market insights.
Uncover deeper market trends and consumer behaviors effortlessly.

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Distribute via multiple channels for comprehensive reach.
Reach your target audience quickly and easily with our multi-channel distribution.

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Customizable templates for various market research needs

Efficient surveys in minutes.

No code required.

Designed for simplicity, the Collector lets you dive straight into creating meaningful conversations without the complexity

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Survey builder.
Build your survey with our easy to use drag and drop builder. No coding required.
Smart Logic.
Create a personalized experience for your respondents with skip logic and branching.
Custom Branding.
Add your own logo and colors to your survey to match your brand.
Ai Powered Analytics.
Get actionable insights from your data with our AI powered analytics.
Popup surveys.
Trigger surveys from your website based on user behavior to get the most relevant feedback.
Embed anywhere.
Embed your survey on your website, in your app, or send it via email.

Unlimited responses, Unlimited surveys.

Experience genuine interactions and unlock the potential of every response. Start building real conversations today!